Super Managers: Did you know?

  • One time, Leeteuk decided that he would sleep in and not go to his schedules. He locked his door and promised himself that he would not get out of bed that morning. The manager, not wanting Leeteuk to get in trouble, broke down Leeteuk’s door and carried Leeteuk on his back to the van so that he could get a few more minutes of sleep. ref: Newsen
  • To wake Eunhyuk up in the morning if he’s tired, the managers start making ramen so that the smell would travel to his room. They know that he likes eating more than sleeping. ref: Newsen
  • Sungmin had a fight with one of the managers one time because he signed up for a morning English class without letting them know. The manager was angry that Sungmin didn’t ask him to get him a tutor, and Sungmin argued that he didn’t want to bother the manager for something so small. From then on, the managers keep asking Sungmin, “Is there anything you want? Anything you want to learn?” ref: Hi-cut Magazine|dspupsunny @ Naver blog
  • One of the managers, Seunghwan, loves giving the members hugs and handshakes. ref: Mnet|janie6789@Youtube
  • Seunghwan also does the members’ hair for them sometimes and calls it the “Lee Shop”. ref: Chunji|janie6789@Youtube
  • Super Junior idolizes one of their managers, Tak Youngjun, thanking him in every winning speech and referring to him as “Our Hero Taksama Youngjun hyung” ref: Any SJ speech
  • Kyuhyun is a member of Seunghwan’s fan cafe. ref:Brandnewmusic|Daum tvPod
  • The stylists mistake the managers for the members sometimes and fix their hair and clothes just before Super Junior have to rush on stage. ref: Brandnewmusic|DaumtvPod
  • One time, Leeteuk was eating with his manager when a fan offered to pay for their meal. Leeteuk refused repeatedly and was getting annoyed by the fan. However, the manager, who should have been the one to chase away the fan, being kind-natured, said, “”Leeteuk-sshi… Um – should I eat?” ref: 111114 Sukira
  • One of their managers puts bugs in his mouth to tease the members who are terrified of bugs. ref: 110801 Sukira
  • When the members are using the bathroom in the morning, the same manager would sometimes go in, scoop up the foam from the bottom of the sink that the members had spat out into his own mouth, and says “I love you guys.” ref: 110801 Sukira
  • One of the managers, Byeongjun, returned to the dorm early during the Chuseok holidays and sat at the dorm all day, playing soccer video games. Leeteuk asked him why, and he said, “I went home, but then everyone was telling me to get married…” ref: 110913 Sukira
  • One of the managers always tells the members not to get too excited when they play video games together. But one time, when he was losing, he shouted “What is this?” and threw the joystick, breaking it. ref:110919 Sukira
  • Leeteuk said he wanted soondae at 2 in the morning, so the manager drove to Goori and bought a massive amount of it for him. ref: 110928 Sukira
  • Leeteuk and Eunhyuk used to imitate the different managers’ voices when they were on Sukira, but they rarely said the names, leaving the fans to figure out which imitated voice belongs to each manager.
  • The managers learn Super Junior’s choreography, including the formations and the movements of each member. ref: 110813 Hallyu con rehearesal|ys9ermine @ Youtube


Credit: janie6789


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