Son Hoyoung gets a part time job at Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal Station

Singer Son Hoyoung reminisced of his younger years, stepping into Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal Station one early morning.

The singer wrote his official Twitter page on the 6th, “Shall we begin grinding? I’m going to be working at the Express Bus Terminal Station. I don’t know how many years it’s been since I’ve had a part time job. Reminds me of the past. The last place I worked was at a Donkatsu place (pork cutlet restaurant).”

Son Hoyoung was actually guest-featuring on MBN‘s ‘Noh Hongchul’s Stars’ Part Time Job‘ with MC Noh Hongchul. The same day, the program tweeted via their official Twitter page, “Noh Hongchul and the smiling angel Son Hoyoung will be at Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal Station from noon until 2pm. We hope that all of you will come and participate in our events.”

In related news, Noh Hongchul and Son Hoyoung have previously worked together on the December 21st episode of ‘Serenade Operations‘. Son Hoyoung is playing the role of Nick Piazza in the musical ‘Fame‘, and put on an impressive performance on M! Countdown on the 5th, living up to his title as an original old-school idol group member.


Source – k pop news


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