Kwangmin and Jeongmin’s sleepy pictures from Allure

Original Tweet:

보이프렌드 광민군은 좀 졸린 가봐요. 연기가 기가 막힌 건가? 얼루어 어시스턴트는 오늘 계 탄 날이라며 좋아하고 있어요.

English Translation:

Boyfriend Kwangmin-gun looks sleepy. Perhaps blocked by smoke? Allure assistant for today said he likes the shootings.


Original Tweet:

새해 첫 화보촬영을 무적의 훈남 아이돌 ‘보이프렌드’와 함께 하고있으니 전 운도 좋죠. 새해엔 운수대통~!

English Translations:

New Year’s first photoshoot of the invincible handsome-boy idol ‘Boyfriend’ along with good lucks. New Year’s luck~!




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