Korean girl stuns reality TV judges with rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”

How many times have you heard Adele’s hit song “Rolling in the Deep?” Chances are, quite a few since Billboard named the tune the most popular song of 2011. However, I promise you have never heard it sung  like this before:

K-Pop Star – Park Ji Min (Adele – Rolling in the deep)

Meet Park Ji Min, a 15-year-old contestant on South Korea’s K-Pop Star. She is the “little girl with a big voice” that blew judges away during her rendition of Adele’s number one hit. Ji Min has a Christina Aguilera-like quality (another singer first known under the same pop star niche) demonstrated in the 1998 song “Reflection” from the movie Mulan. The video of Ji Min’s audition has reached more than one million views on YouTube and has received celebrity Twitter endorsements from Ashton Kutcher and R&B artist Eric Benet. The audition was also featured on CNN with the headline “Korean Singer Wows Judges.”

YouTube has become a great platform for launching new talent. Artists like Susan Boyle and Cody Simpson have achieved worldwide notoriety after videos of their talents were posted on the site. And of course we can’t forget the most famous YouTube discovery of them all, Justin Bieber.

But Bieber isn’t the only Canadian who has found fame through the site. Montreal singer Marc Martel joined the ranks when a video of him singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love” earned him the coveted role of Freddie Mercury in the group’s official 40th anniversary tribute band.

Marc Martel’s “Somebody To Love” Queen Audition

Source Yahoo News



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