After School’s UEE is now a respectable actress in the industry

Singer and actress UEE is being praised for her acting performance in projects like ‘Ojakyo Brothers‘ and ‘No Break‘.

UEE has officially made her name known as a respectable actress through ‘Ojakyo Brothers’ and is being praised by the viewers for her splendid performance in the drama.

She is sassy at times saying what’s on her mind, while also managing to melt the hearts of viewers with her bubbly and adorable smile. She also proved that she can cry on the spot, shedding heavy tears of sorrow in scenes where she yearns for her father.

She is loved by viewers of all ages, as she is able to be cute with a man she loves, but sociable and pleasant with her elders.

UEE displayed genuine emotions during highly intense scenes, and her believable acting earned her a Rookie Actress Award at the year-end KBS drama award ceremony.

Her agency Pledis stated, “UEE who has worked so hard to improve her acting and is more than grateful that her fans are recognizing her potential. She will work even harder in order to thank her viewers for their support.”

Source – k pop news


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