2NE1 Replies to 21 QUESTIONS: CL “I like men who are at least a little bit cute”

Q1: Men’s fashion you like are?
CL: A coat with a HIP HOP base. Street style over suit style.

Q2: The type of man you like is?
CL: A manly person I can respect.

Q3: A word to the gruff men?
CL: I like the ones that are at least a little bit cute.

Q4: Your own charm point is?
CL: I don’t know (laughs). Smiling with my eyes. Eye smile.

Q5: The thing that made you happy recently?
CL: When I found something delicious to eat.

Q6: The thing you want to do most in Japan (place you want to go)?
CL: Even though it’s a bit cold, only if I have time, I just want to go for a stroll.

Q7: The Japanese word that you’ve remembered recently is? (give reason)
CL: “Unrequited love” (Because when I’m MC-ing to introduce the song; I’d say, “Next up is a song about unrequited love”).

Q8: The person you want to meet the most? (famous people, renowned people, family)
CL: It’s a secret.

Q9: Secrets of members that only you know are?
CL: They’re secrets so I can’t tell (laughs).

Q10: What’s the thing you have that you think you won’t lose to against the other members?
CL: Confidence.

Q11: Which member would you change places with? (give reason)
CL: Myself. Because suddenly changing into someone else is scary (laughs).

Q12: If you weren’t working as a part of 2NE1 now, what do you think you’d be?
CL: Artist.

Q13: One line you’d say in front of the person you like?
CL: I’d appeal with eyes that “Don’t say anything”.
(T/N: She’s saying she doesn’t need to say anything and just appeal to the person she likes with her eyes)

Q14: What’s the one thing you need most right now?
CL: Holiday.

Q15: About Japanese men’s fashion.
CL: There are many kinds which I like.

Q16: About Japanese women’s fashion.
CL: I’m inspired by the hairstyles, makeup, and fashion.

Q17: Food you like in Japan.
CL: Teppanyaki.
(T/N: Japanese cuisine that has dishes cooked using an iron plate, usually cooked in front of customers at restaurants)

Q18: Places you like in Korea.
CL: The old palace and places to do with health.

Q19: What you like about Japan.
CL: Japanese traditional culture, kimonos, and castles.

Q20: The Japanese actors and talents you like are?
CL: The Japanese rockstar I heard when I was younger.

Q21. A message to the readers, please.
CL: I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that 2NE1 have appeared in a men’s magazine though (laughs). If you think 2NE1 is cute then I’m happy.

Source: spice-candy@tumblr.com
Translated by: 


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