ZE:A’s Siwan captivates with his role on The Moon that emraces the Sun

K po

ZE:A’s Siwan has captivated drama fans with his role on MBC’s ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’.

Siwan plays the character of ‘Heo Yeom’, who’s been acclaimed as best and brightest of the Joseon Dynasty. His genius was also bolstered by his great personality and handsome looks.

The idol/actor appeared on the drama’s first episode on January 4th for only 20 seconds, but he left a strong impression. In the second episode, which aired on January 5th, Siwan lead the plot firmly, yet successfully, causing a new wave of fans to experience the ‘Siwan fever’.

Siwan’s name has become the ‘most searched’ on various sites, and remains strong in that trend even after the episodes aired.

After the broadcasts, netizens commented, ‘Devilish Scholar’ couldn’t suit him any better, “My eyes were happy looking at his good looks”, and “I thought he was a new actor with perfect acting skills’“.

Siwan stars as the young Heo Yum in the drama, while participating in overseas promotions with ZE:A.

Source – K pop news


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