Who wants to Chat with Ljoe?


2 hours 30 minutes….

In 2 hours and 30 minutes…

Wow wow wow!!!!

Finally!!!!!!! Crazy will be!!!!!!!!!

Revealed!!!! In 2 hours and 30 minutes!!!

Daebak@@@@ What do I do!!!! I’m really looking forward forward forward to it ^^

Okay?? Hehe

And and and and

Tomorrow is the comeback! Comeback!! Comeback!! TEEN TOP’s comeback!! Puhahahahaha!!! ^^

All of our Angels all !!!!!!!!!

Must come come tomorrow!!!


You guys know you have to download the songs right???

Ricky will be going to dreamland now for tomorrow !!






Everyone are you not coming to the fancafe regularly?




Chat with me





C.A.P’s new year greetings

Hello I’m TeenTop’s leader C.A.P.

The new year has arrived. Because of my replies and everyone’s overwhelming comments the computer has decided to hang so that’s all for today.

Our album this time round will be released in about 1 hour 40 minutes.

We prepared especially hard for this album, with the dongsaengs, the company noonas and hyungs, it was filled with blood and sweat.

Many things happened in the preparation process; with all the fans waiting for us and everyone’s hard work, the album really turned out well.

We’ll continue working hard in the future so please give us lots of love and for this album as well.

And it’s the new year now!! Although a few days have passed, I hope all your wishes will come true this year.

No matter what you decide to do, even if your will can’t last you for more than 3 days, if you keep telling yourself 10 times you can continue for 30 days, if you tell yourself 100 times, your decision will be able to last for 300 days.

Don’t give up and I hope you’ll be able to spend every day of the year with TEEN TOP, smiling


P.S: I’m really not scary


Credit: oursupaluv


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