Mblaq’s manager creates hype for “It’s War”

I issue the first order.
We occupy Youtube together.
If you do individual acts, you shall be shot down.
Please be careful, all.

Against an improper remark!! Please comment a lot keke

The title video in the Jtunecamp channel can’t be changed right now we’ll change it in the early morning. The teaser for “It’s War” is the one right below the “scrrible” teaser with Mir showing the preview.

All the global ones run the translation (and) pass it along *POOF!

Lots of foreign fans seems to be confusing “Scribble” teaser with “It’s War” teaser

Attack again

Note : Kim, Hyung Sub is bear manager. (No Rice, No Life)
It seems he wants to encourage A+ fans with playing soldiers.

SOURCE: Kim Hyung Sub’s Twitter
TRANSLATION: qwert@AbsoluteMBLAQ+ bcrystal89 @Twitter


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