Kim Gura, “SM is good and YG is flexible, JYP is not so good.” Evaluation of variety skills.

Note: This is just a joke

Kim Gura recently expressed his thoughts on the the Big 3′s variety skills.

On the January 6th broadcast of JTBC Idol Premiere, Kim Gura told Miss A and MBLAQ, “Since JYP (artists) are not good at variety, you can’t learn from them.”

After hearing this MBLAQ replied, “We’re not in JYP.” But Kim Gura responded, “Even if Hyundai is not written formally on the title, the familly of KCC still applies as Hyundae. In the end, MBLAQ who was created by Rain, the student of JYP, goes under the same title.”

Kim Gura didn’t end here and continued, “Different from JYP, SM is good at variety. If you get to know YG, they are pretty flexible,” and expressed his evaluation.

However, MBLAQ and Miss A who were shamed by Kim Gura were said to have put Kim Gura in embarrassing situations several times during this broadcast.

Don’t take this to heart, ok?^^ And read the last sentence. ^^

TRANSLATION: Lovelyjoonie @AbsoluteMBLAQ



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