Jeon Tae-soo makes his comeback in cable sitcom You’re Here

Rookie actor Jeon Tae-soo (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl) — perhaps still more famous as Ha Ji-won’s little bro — has been staying out of the public eye for the past year, but he’s ready to get back to work with a new project. He appeared in a music video last month for R&B/ballad singer ALi, and now he’ll be joining the cast of MBN’s daily sitcom You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here.

Jeon will play a “quirky, slightly foolish 4-D doctor,” which sounds like a good change for him. He’s bugged out his eyes enough as the glaring villain in several projects already, so it’ll be a chance for him to stretch his range, which right now is pretty small. I want him to do well even though frankly he’s a only proven himself to be a limited actor thus far; still, there’s something there in him that makes me think he could do better.

Jeon has been lying low ever since he ran into some trouble last year; he had a drunken brawl that got him lots of bad press and he was subsequently dropped from his sitcom at the time, All My Love. He’s been on haitus ever since, and a rep from Jeon’s agency said, “Because he took a long break, he considered his next project with extra thought. His previous roles have been gruff, heavy characters, but he decided to choose a role that would allow him to get closer and more comfortable with his fans.”

Jeon’s character will be the much-younger half-brother to two ajusshis in the show; eldest brother is the corporate CEO played by Han Jin-hee, who’s 62 years old. Comic veteran Kang Nam-gil plays the middle brother, and he’s 53. (In the cast photo, they are the two older men in suits, in the back row.) Jeon, meanwhile, is 27. So yeah, that’s weird, but probably part of the comedy.

Source – dramabeans




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