The 2 male groups you can expect even more from in 2012 are Beast and TEEN TOP!

Last year with “Supa Luv” and “No More Perfume On You” they have been gaining popularity and on the 5th, they will release their 2nd mini album right at the beginning of the new year, signaling the start of their exciting activities.

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The meeting of hit-maker producer Brave Brothers is especially attracting the attention of many. He has written for Son Dambi, Sistar, BEG and other female singers, Brave Brothers praised TEEN TOP for their potential and has become a strong support by creating the title track “Crazy”.

After receiving an addictive dance track with a lively melody from Brave Broters, TEEN TOP has pulled way from their cute teenagers image as their showed off their tough and masculine charms attempting to steal the hearts of noona fans. A representative from the company said “There were elaborate preparations so it’ll be worth looking forward to. With this song, it is an opportunity for TEEN TOP to develop to the next level.

Translations by: oursupaluv

Source: Sports Seoul


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