Lee Si Young goes wild for Wild Romance

Lee Si Young foreshowed the emergence of new type of ‘queen of romantic comedy’ in the KBS2’s new drama, Wild Romance.
Lee Si Young has taken up the role of Yoo Eun Jae, wrestler-turned-bodyguard. On the first episode of the drama, which aired on January 4, she forewarned that she′d be standing firm against Park Moo Yul, the loathsome (at least to her) baseball player whom she has to protect, depicting a hot-blooded character whose fists start flying when her temper is ruffled.

From Lee′s first scene, the actress caught eyes with her new style, complete with short wavy hair and a shockingly tacky outfit. She set out to affirm herself as a ‘fashion terrorist’ with haggard knit sweater, wide and flappy skirt and beat-up sneakers.
But while the normally pretty actress may have given up some of her looks for the role, the transformation does much for her stature as an sincere actress. The new image was effective in displaying Yoo Eun Jae’s tomboyish and rough side, allowing viewers to forget that Lee Si Young was in fact, just acting a role.
So far, Lee has been well-received for her acting, which, while a little over the top sometimes, works well when the actress is spitting out rough words mixed with curses, and behaving as wild as the title indicates.
Immediately after the airing, viewers rush to the drama’s comment board to leave positive feedback.
They reacted by saying, “Her image is ruined, but she is still so lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing Yoon Eun Jae’s unpredictable charms” and “The drama has a novelty that sets it apart from other romantic comedies. Lee Si Young’s acting that has grown mature was impressive.”
source – e news world

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