Junyoung’s receives new shoes for New Year


[120105] Junyoung’s twitter update:

First: 2012년에는 새해부터 신발선물을 받아 아마 좋은길만 걷게될것같은 기분! 감사합니다!! 와이드할때 그날 컨셉에 맞춰서 신겠습니다.아 그리고 월요일날 와이드,녹화있어요^^

[Trans] Received shoes as a New Year gift for 2012.While wearing the shoe,I will feel like walking more! Thank you! Wide concept will be changed.Ah and also there is recording on Monday for Wide^^

Second: 허염이다ㅋㅋㅋ아근데 왜 내가 찍는거마다 이렇게 나오지?

[Trans] Its Heo Yeom ㅋㅋㅋ Ah but why did I make this appear like that?


Credit: wish-upon-starz.tumblr.com


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