Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng and Rainie Yang welcomes 2012 together

Both Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang posted pictures on their respective Weibos today showing that the longtime good friends hung out with mutual friend Joe Cheng over the holiday weekend.

They dined at a restaurant owned by Joe called Destino located in Taipei, and both ladies were thrilled to have a chance to hang out like old times.

Even though Ariel has said she isn’t planning to do anymore dramas in the near future, she is looking for movie scripts and plans to release an album in 2012. Director Winnie has also announced plans for a movie version of In Time With You starring the original cast.

As for Rainie, she still hasn’t settled on her next acting project, whereas Joe is preparing for his upcoming period movie Hua Yang with Jerry Yan, Michelle Chen, and Ivy Chen.

Ariel wrote on her Weibo: Tonight went with Rainie to Owner Cheng’s restaurant Destino (You are my Destiny) to test sample the Southeastern/French/Italian fusion cuisine. It was tasty! But I’m even more in love with their bathroom.

Rainie wrote on her Weibo: Tonight has a long awaited  get together with old friends Xiao Zhong (Joe) and Ariel. We’ve known each other for nearly ten years, Now everyone has grown up, but we’re still the same with each other. I loved today’s conversation mood. We have to get together more in the future.

I want to recommend Destino, where Joe is one of the co-owners. We had dinner there tonight. The atmosphere was beautiful and the food was delicious. I’m so happy for Joe. Thank you for treating two gorgeous ladies to dinner tonight!

Source – A Koala`s Playground


40 thoughts on “Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng and Rainie Yang welcomes 2012 together

  1. quel says:

    ..why ariel dont want to do drama?..we miss her to do drama with joe cheng…miss them together…

  2. i thought they already broke up?

  3. pls,ariel and joe do the part 3 0f iswak, both of u destined to be together, recommend title wil be endless love and kisses or god give me you,,you make our lives fulfilled and happy if we see u together in real life bounded together with love,,,,,,,hop to see u both doin part 3 of iswak, lovr u 4ever,,

  4. jenny says:

    whose the lucky guy???

  5. little miss says:

    Good to know Ariel lin and Joe cheng still hanging out together even without movie.. hope to see you in more projects together soon..

    congrats to Ariel lin.. I love your “show, “In time with you and “Lovesick”..

  6. jadie says:

    waaaahhh!!! they should make the ISWAK 3!!! plsss.. ariel and joe and the director..pllsss..were begging you!!! your fans here in PHILIPPINES ARE DYING FOR IT!!! PLLSSS ARIEL AND JOE! LET IT BE YOUR GIFT TO YOUR FANS!!

  7. aochaki says:

    i’m dying to see joe and ariel together in drama again! as a couple of course ❤

  8. rj says:

    pls make iswak 3 or make a movie of iswak 3 :)) haha atleast there is a sequel

  9. ester says:

    pls ariel and joe make the iswak 3 . we are happy that ariel is single again. you have great chemistry. we are looking forward for the filming of iswak 3. Ariel and Joe should not be replace by any other actor and actress. They are great actors/actresses. Hoping that they will be real couples, is not too late. We love them very much.

  10. pls. we want iswak 3, im also waiting for past years but still no iswak 3. please Arjoe all of your fans begging you to do the iswak 3.

  11. AdeleL. says:

    Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin are the best reel couple!!! I really am happy to know that you still hang out with each other. I beg you to make ISWAK 3. Director Winnie, please make ISWAK 3 OR another movie that involves Ariel and Joe. PLEASE!!! I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. (Why not the two of you become REAL COUPLE? not just REEL COUPLE.)

  12. right… me too i really,really want iswak 3, pls…..pls….pls….pls..

  13. we want “THE LAST KISS”…..

  14. DIRECtor winnie pls, the ISWAK 3…..

  15. Lilia Maria V. Paredes says:

    sad connotation if the title will be “last kiss”.. Agree with the others who suggested to title it”Endless Kiss” or “Eternal Kiss”

  16. axyljohn says:

    no 1 in philipines

  17. HAHAHAH they broke up because Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng are DESTINY :))))))))
    we want ISWAK3 PLEASE……….:((

  18. they are the best screen couple ever,,… love them both…. hope to see them in person..<3<3<3

  19. miyaka says:

    pls,director winnie, the part 3 of swak,….we miss them so much, here in philippines.

  20. venus says:

    its already may now……………pls the ISWAK 3 we need it! is it really sure that they doing the part 3?

  21. venus says:

    director Winnie youre such a blessing man coz u make a very GOOD,GREAT comedyDrama like ISWAK So pls………….do more with the original cast of they kiss again pls………… sure you make it a big hit LIKE b4…..pls………….were dying to wait for that……so pls dnt let us die……But LIVE…..

  22. lovely cheeza reno says:

    please100x do the ISWAK3..director winnie pls…..
    joe cheng,ariel lin..plssssss.

  23. charmie says:

    i want a sequel called THE LAST KISS.. and it will be showed here in the Philippines…

  24. princess says:

    im down on my knee, begging for ISWAK 3 the last kiss

  25. lot says:

    pls do iswak 3 please….im begging you i love both of you…promise it make me crazy thinking of you everyday…pls.joe ariel and director winnie…and i want their new looks now that ariel is more sexy and matured.

  26. yes pls pls pls the ISWAK 3 i love ariel and joe lovetheme pls pls …

  27. joan says:

    im a fan or ariel lin and joe cheng from Philippines, and im looking forward for the ISWAK 3 i really miss them both..

  28. noreen says:

    pls…….do the part 3…im the #.i fans of ISWAK………I LOVE IT VERY MUCH……its make me crazy….

  29. ryz says:

    please ISWAK 3…….

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