Anticipation rises for “TONE” tour



Tohoshinki’s “TONE” concert tour 2012 will kick off January 18th, at Yokohama arena.

A great anticipation is rising among fans as some bloggers have been counting down day by day for their “dream day” to approach. However, at the same time, serious “ticket” battle has also risen among fans.

Throughout internet at twitter or blogs, fans are posting requests for exchanging or trading tickets.
The advance tickets were sold out instantly on the released day which made a record.

Dissapointed fans’ requests were flooded, avex decided to offer additional six performance due to
tremendous popurarity of Tohoshinki and incredible response from fans.

Tickets are currently auctioned over four times of the original price.
However there are still numerous fans who are struggling to obtain tickets and they requested again for releasing seats in blind area. Blind area tickets will be released on January 6, which avex agreed to reply to fans’ demand, avex explains

“It may be difficult to view the stage, however we decided to release blind area seats so that more fans can come to concerts. We ask for fans’ understanding for difficulty of their view. Tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis”

Japanese fans are wishing good-luck to each other to be able to attend to “TONE” concert,  not only to see Tohoshinki’s performance but also, more, to “be there with Tohoshinki”  to show their support and love.

Anticipated fans all over the world are waiting and longing for that day to come soon, too.

Source: Naver, twitter, fans’ blogs, Tohoshiki official website
Translated by: Yumirin125 @
Distributed by: Yumirin125 @


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