MBLAQ On Hello Baby Season 5



Idol group MBLAQ will be joining “Hello Baby Season 5” from KBS joy channel which will be aired at the end of January.

‘Hello Baby’ is a reality program that allows idol stars to experience babysitting. Previous seasons featured Girls Generation, Shinee, T-ara and SISTAR.

A J-tune Camp staff has told the Joynews24 on 5th that “We were able to join the program because all the members of MBLAQ love children”
The staff has added that “Through this program we are expecting the members to appeal their charms more to the public”
‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby’ will proceed its first recording sometime this week and will be aired at the end of January.Meanwhile, MBLAQ is preparing comeback with releasing their 4th Mini album that contains 5 songs on January 10t

Source: Original Article:http://news.naver.co…&aid=0000265541
Translated: @bcrystal89)
Reuploaded: Sica@mblaqattack.net


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