Ju won and Uee in a relationship?

Don′t freak out now. Ju Won and Uee have begun acting like a couple…but in real life. Does that mean it′s not considered acting?
We′ll leave you to puzzle over that, but give you a tidbit of evidence to prove our point.
The January 4 broadcast of KBS2’s Yeoyou Manman covered the filming of the drama Ojakgyo Brothers, which is recently scoring over 30 percent in viewership ratings.

Ju Won, who said he’s jealous of the men around Uee in the drama, continuously took care of her even after the cameras turned off. He even zipped up her coat and buttoned it up for her. Brotherly love, or hints of real emotions?
Uee, however, honestly said in thanks, “The only person I can tease and ask things comfortably is Tae Hee (Ju Won) oppa. For the Ojakgyo Brothers, I had to film on a set for the first time. I didn’t even know what ‘1, 2, 3’ was, but he taught me a lot.”

source- enewsworld


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