Infinite is looking for an owner for Dubu

안녕하세요~.~ 2012년되고 첫인사 올립니다! 새해복 많이 받으세요~ 감기조심하시구요! 첫단추 부터 잘 채워지는 한해되시길..그리고 저희 중형견으로 큼지막하지만 아리따운 암컷의 두부!와 동반해쥬실분을 찾습니다!

두부가 묵직한 애교쟁이에 뽀뽀도 잘…심히 온순하여서 말도 너무 잘들어요 ~.~흐흐 정말 필요할때만 소리지르구요. 실제로보면 은근히 크답니다 아직도 크고 잇구요 산책도 충분히! 훈련도 충분히! 위험하지않게 끝까지 함께가 주실분~! 기다릴게요ㅇ!

Hello~.~ First greeting of 2012! Happy New Year~ Watch out for the cold! I hope that it’ll be a good year starting with the first button..also, our big-but-middle-sized-yet-lovely female Dubu! We’re looking for someone who will be willing to take her in! 

Dubu is heavy in terms of mood, but also filled with aegyo and gives kisses well…she’s also very obedient so she listens well too ~.~ heuheu she only barks when she really needs something. If you look at her in person, she’s pretty big and she’s still growing, so take her out for plenty of walks! And train her lots! We are looking for someone who will be with her till the end in a non-dangerous atmosphere~! We’ll be waiting!

KBS 가족의탄생에서 함께살고있는 저희의 “두부” 입양신청받습니다ㅠ^ㅠ 코코누릉이는 입양신청이완료됫어요 정말사랑으로키워주실분만!! 진돗견이라 15KG까지 커요 .! 10년15년까지 살수있는데 오랫동안 가족으로 받아주실분만 신청해주세요 입양신청 방법은 Kbs 가족의탄생 게시판에 해주세요 두부 이친구가 정말..파이팅넘치구요 5개월 암컷인데 수컷보다 의리가강해요 많은관심 부탁드립니다 무한RT부탁드려요

We’re currently accepting adoption forms for our “Dubu” who is living with Infinite for the KBS show ‘Birth of a Family’ ㅠ^ㅠ Coco and Nurungie have been adopted and we really hope that those who will truly raise them with love will sign up!! Because they are a Jindo breed, they can grow up to 15KG.! They can live up to 10-15 years and we request that those only willing to accept Dubu as family will sign up. On how to sign up, go to the board on the KBS ‘Birth of a Family’ website. This friend Dubu of ours..she’s full of energy. She’s a 5 month old but she’s more strong-willed than a male. We hope for your much support and RT infinitely.

저희 인피니트와 함께 살고있는 ‘두부’의 새가족을 찾습니다~! 관심있으신 분들은 Kbs가족의탄생 게시판에 신청해주세요^.^


‘Dubu’ who is living with Infinite right now is looking for a new family~! For those interested, please sign up on the board for KBS ‘Birth of a Family’ website^.^

‘kbs 가족의탄생’ 유기견을 키우고있는 인피니트 입니다!! 현재 우리 두부의 입양신청이 진행중입니다!진돗개이구요 태어난지4~5개월이 됬습니다!!

We’re Infinite who is raising an abandoned dog on KBS ‘Birth of a Family’!! Right now, we’re taking in adoption forms for our Dubu! The breed is a Jindo dog and is 4~5 months old!!

저희 인피니트와 함께 생활하는 두부입니다 진돗개이구요 두부를 사랑하고 아껴줄 가족을 기다리고있습니다 두부의 진정한 가족이 되어주실분들 입양신청부탁드려요 kbs가족의탄생 홈페이지에 드러오시면됩니다 두부만 현재 가족을 찾지못했어요..

This is Infinite who is currently living with Dubu who is a Jindo breed. We’re waiting on a family who will love and care for Dubu as we ask those who are willing to truly be a family for Dubu to sign an adoption form which is on the KBS ‘Birth of a Family’ website. Currently, Dubu is the only one who hasn’t been able to find a family..

안녕하세요~^^저희 두부를 이쁘게 키워주시는분을 찾습니다~~! 두부는 활발하고 주인을 좋아해요~! 두부를 키워주실분




Hello~^^ We’re looking for someone who is willing to take care of our Dubu well~~! Dubu likes an active owner~! For those interested in raising Dubu

trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates


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